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If you`re in the business of geographic information systems (GIS), you`ve likely come across the term “IGIS enterprise agreement.” But what exactly does this mean, and how can it benefit your organization?

First, let`s define the term. An IGIS enterprise agreement is a contract between an organization and Esri, the leading provider of GIS software and solutions. This agreement allows the organization to access and use Esri`s software and services on a large-scale, enterprise-wide basis, rather than purchasing individual licenses for each user.

So why enter into an IGIS enterprise agreement? For starters, it can be more cost-effective than buying individual licenses. With an enterprise agreement, an organization pays a set fee for a certain number of users, rather than paying a separate fee for each license. This can result in significant savings, especially for larger organizations with many GIS users.

Additionally, an IGIS enterprise agreement can simplify software management. Rather than having to keep track of individual licenses, an enterprise agreement allows an organization to manage its GIS software and services more holistically. This can streamline IT processes and make it easier to manage large-scale GIS projects.

Moreover, an enterprise agreement can provide access to a wider range of Esri`s software and services. As part of the agreement, an organization may have access to Esri`s entire suite of products, rather than being limited to certain software packages. This can enable organizations to take on more complex GIS projects and expand the scope of their work.

Finally, an IGIS enterprise agreement can provide greater flexibility and scalability. As an organization grows and its GIS needs change, the agreement can be adjusted to reflect those changes. This allows organizations to adapt to changing circumstances without having to renegotiate licensing agreements or purchase additional licenses.

In conclusion, an IGIS enterprise agreement can provide significant benefits for organizations in the GIS industry. From cost savings to simplified software management, wider access to software and services, and greater flexibility and scalability, an enterprise agreement can enable organizations to more effectively carry out GIS projects and achieve their goals.

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